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The Stripsteel Advantage

A longer run between blade changes means less downtime. For the printer the finely dispersed microstructure of the long-life grades enable less pressure to be used against the expensive engraved anilox in order to remove surplus ink. Coater Blades and Creping Blades made from these new long-life materials also very much benefit the paper making mills, by reducing downtime and improving the consistency and quality of the paper in these very expensive run plants.

Special Steels

By using special steels for our blades, we are able to maintain an extremely high and consistent quality in carbon, stainless and tool-steels. Our new wear-resistant, long-life blades, developed from our tool-steels, enable customers to enjoy productivity increase as well as better qualities of both paper and printing. Better steel allows our blades to meet and exceed the exacting demands of customers throughout the global printing, coating and packaging industries.

Blade Types

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Optimum Performance

The two most essential criteria for optimum blade performance are accurate straightness and flatness. Our superior steel and rigid quality standards guarantee a perfect balance of straightness and flatness across our entire product range from doctor and coater blades to chocolate, tissue and ink knives.

Stripsteel blades are engineered with incredible attention to detail. A micro-fine, precise edge and excellent grinding properties combine with exceptionally high wear and fatigue resistance. These qualities are what make Stripsteel blades the perfect answer to every printer’s goal of a long-life blade that retains it’s straightness and reliable, sharp edge.

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